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Australians are the richest people in the world?!

Credit Swisse recently released a global wealth report that showed the median Australian adult had a net worth of $US273,900 at the end of 2021, making them financially better off than adults of any other country. This reflects a favourable share and property market position for Australians at the time of the report. It is…

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How your age will influence the contents of your Financial Plan

While we firmly believe that there is no age cap on wealth, life stages inevitably impact a person’s financial position. There is a series of common financial milestones through an average lifespan, including positive wealth building opportunities, as well as some of the more unpleasant and expensive realities of life. We’ve mapped them out, and…

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How to grow your financial value in 2022


We love the swell of self-motivation and positivity that often comes with a new year. If managing your money in 2022 is one of your goals, you’ll be pleased to know is not very difficult to increase your value. Here are some simple steps to get ahead… Look back Log in to your online banking…

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Top habits of wealthy people you can adopt in 2022

It is true that wealth is mindset. Those who are focused on generating financial growth generally do, and fortunately their habits are easily accessible and applicable. Which ones will you try in 2022? Wealthy people can clearly see their future self. They can see the house they have, the holiday they go on, the people…

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Property: peaks and troughs of 2021-2022

If you are in the market to buy or sell a house, you will have been watching property sales with interest and, in many cases, astonishment. Prices have hit extraordinary highs. The big question on everyone’s lips: will it slow? The short answer: probably not soon, but tighter rules around lending may be on the…

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Best and worst stocks of FY21

share market

The last Financial Year was the best since 1987 for Australian shares. A common trend of savvy investors is to sell off winning stocks as soon as the new Financial Year ticks over. This saves them paying tax a year earlier than if it is sold the next fiscal year. Equally, savvy investors bought up…

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Keen to invest and not sure where to start?

investment decisions

Many Australians are feeling confident in the current market to invest, and you may be keen to get involved. If you’re starting out as an investor, the amount of information can be a little overwhelming. This article will help you to gather some general background information about the different asset classes of cash, property, shares…

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Take control of your personal finances in 2021

Personal finances are a fragile thing at the best of times, but when the environment is as uncertain as it is now, it’s really important to take control of your finances before your finances take control of you. Here are some tips for a comfortable 2021… Know what you’re dealing with. List what’s coming in…

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