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2022 Economic Pressure Points


At a recent economic breakfast hosted by Business NSW, we heard from some of Australia’s key economic analysists about what’s in store for jobs and the cost of living here on the Central Coast. Cost of living Tapas Strickland, Senior Economist for the National Australia Bank (NAB) predicts that the Reserve Bank will raise interest…

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Federal Government launches payment times register for small business

The Federal Government has launched a national payment times register to increase visibility and accountability of 6,000 big business invoicing methods and payment policies. The new online Payment Times Reports Register publishes information about the payment policies of businesses with a turnover of more than $100 million. It is designed to protect and empower small…

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Sign up to sell and buy local

As we head into the festive season, we’re reminded to consider shopping locally. The more we can support local business, the more jobs and wages growth will result. In an effort to encourage local spending, government and business groups have created local business registers for shoppers. Here’s where you can list your business, and/or search…

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Top habits of wealthy people you can adopt in 2022

It is true that wealth is mindset. Those who are focused on generating financial growth generally do, and fortunately their habits are easily accessible and applicable. Which ones will you try in 2022? Wealthy people can clearly see their future self. They can see the house they have, the holiday they go on, the people…

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