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Shares and Managed Investments

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Shares and Investments

Our business is our investment too, in line with that our first investment is in understanding your business goals and objectives. We made sure that we develop rapport to get to know our clients’ circumstances, priorities, and ambitions and to be able to relate to them. With that, we use our long-standing background and expertise to choose the investment solutions best able to deliver continued prosperity, responsibly and securely.

Indeed, every client is unique, so is the approach we build around them. Investment managers, wealth planners, and the banking team work together to deliver our clients’ financial goals. We invest heavily in understanding our clients’ expectations and priorities, so they enjoy a long and personal relationship with our teams.

You might possess some precious assets at the moment, that you may not have considered insuring it. But it's never too late to realize that it's time that you get the insurance plan for it. We are the right people to assist you with your wealth protection needs for five reasons:


1. Minimise tax

As your Financial Advisers, we know that some insurance is best held within superannuation in order to minimise your tax.

2. Calculate the right amount of cover

The right amount of insurance depends on your current level of debt and your number of dependants. We have this information on hand which allows us to ensure that you always have the right amount of cover.

3. Review your insurance portfolio on an ongoing basis

As your accountants, we see you every year to do your tax. This gives us, as your Financial Planner, the opportunity to review your insurance portfolio and make sure you always have the right amount of cover. Unfortunately, too many people put insurance in place and never look at it again, only to find later on in life that they had too much of one insurance and not enough of another.

4. Quality products

We are part of Count Wealth Accountants, a large financial group and are guided by a recommended list of insurance products. The products on this list are thoroughly researched by dedicated Research Managers at Count head office. What does this mean for you? It means that the products we recommend are of high quality, as endorsed by Count.

5. Wealth Protection Advice

We will recommend the most appropriate product for your particular circumstance – you are our priority.

Our insurance service can be tailored to your individual needs and is designed to help you and your family achieve financial security in a time of personal crisis. We can provide quotations for Income Protection, Trauma, and Death and Disablement Insurance.

Investment terms explained

Want to learn more about investing but you're not sure where to begin? Here are a few key terms every investor should know.

For many of us, trying to understand investment-speak is like learning another language. But don't worry - once you get your head around a few basic concepts, you'll be on your way towards becoming an educated investor. Here are a few common investment terms to get you started.


Your portfolio is the collection of assets you've invested in, which might include cash, bonds, shares and property. You may hold different amounts of each asset and they're all likely to have different values. As an investor, you can manage your own portfolio and choose which assets to buy and sell at which time, or else you can hire a professional to manage it for you.

Managed funds
Investment risk
Asset allocation
Return on investment
Capital gain/loss

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