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Take control of your personal finances in 2021 Posted on December 8, 2020

Personal Finance

Personal finances are a fragile thing at the best of times, but when the environment is as uncertain as it is now, it’s really important to take control of your finances before your finances take control of you. Here are some tips for a comfortable 2021…

  • Know what you’re dealing with. List what’s coming in and what’s going out.
  • Set a savings percentage, not a number. If you set a number and can’t make it for some reason, the disappointment can derail your progress. Pay your savings percentage as soon as money comes in. If you need to dip into it, be forgiving of yourself, but do try to save something each pay cycle.
  • List out your goals. We save money so we can spend it. What is it that you want and how much will it cost? Work backwards then from your savings strategy – how long will it take?

Only you can do these things. Your budget, savings plan and goals are deeply personal. We can help you to organise and articulate them, but it is ultimately up to you.

If you have an appetite to speed up your growth, or stretch your goals, you will likely need professional guidance. This is where the question of investment comes in, and the prospect of a Financial Coach. What investment structures are suited to your circumstances and will support your goals? A Financial Coach is the safest way to navigate any risks and to scaffold your investment approach and returns.

As un-fun as it can be to talk about, superannuation is a necessary investment of life. Human nature demands that we prioritise our immediate needs, but in our experience, at your own risk. Count how many years until your retirement. Is it closer than you thought? See our article on how much you need for a comfortable retirement.

Perhaps equally un-fun is insurance. But this year has taught us that anything can happen, and your hard-earned money is worth protecting.

Our Financial Services team partners with individuals and families to plan, save, spend and protect their money so that they can live the life they love and be better off. Contact them here for a complimentary meeting and take control of your finances.

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