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Market Update: New dimension of risk in markets

New dimension of risk in markets

Article by Vanguard Geopolitical & market impact commentary A new dimension of risk has entered the financial markets with heightened tensions in Ukraine. It’s not something the markets needed when they were already dealing with brisk inflation and preparing for an expected cycle of interest rate hikes from most of the world’s central banks. We…

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Market Update: Russia invades Ukraine

Russia invades Ukraine

Article by AllianceBernstein What has happened? After months of mounting tensions, Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, with widespread fighting throughout the country. The conflict is a serious escalation in a region that’s been a hotspot for tensions between Russia and the West for years, adding uncertainty to the global economic outlook. Many financial…

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Market Update: Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Invasion Threat Roils Markets Article by MFS Investment Management The breakout of a severe geopolitical crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has significantly increased major uncertainty in global markets. While accurately predicting geopolitics is an impossible task, the purpose of this note is to articulate our views on the potential impact of the crisis on…

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New round of government supports announced for small business

business support package

Some have said that ‘living with COVID’ has been worse for business than lockdowns. Thankfully, those worst affected over the summer period are now able to access the NSW government’s 2022 Small Business Support Program as well as extended financial relief programs. Here’s the what and how… The 2022 Small Business Support Program is for…

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Business insolvencies set to rise in 2022


Credit reporting company, CreditorWatch, has released its report on business activity through January. The latest results indicate that the Australian economy is likely to recover at a slower pace than desired, with a follow-on effect of more insolvencies. Here’s what to look out for and the proactive steps to take if your business is feeling…

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Why everyone is in a tizz about jobs


The ‘Great Resignation’, or the ‘Great Talent Migration’ is predicted to hit Australian businesses in March of this year. Indeed, a recent study by PWC of 1800 Australian businesses revealed that 38% of employees planned to leave their employer in the next year. So how can you keep your great talent inhouse? Businesses big and…

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How your age will influence the contents of your Financial Plan

While we firmly believe that there is no age cap on wealth, life stages inevitably impact a person’s financial position. There is a series of common financial milestones through an average lifespan, including positive wealth building opportunities, as well as some of the more unpleasant and expensive realities of life. We’ve mapped them out, and…

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