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What a Perrottet government means for business and personal wealth

New South Wales’ new State Premier, Dominic Perrottet, has communicated his agenda for a number of economic reforms that will impact businesses and individuals. Reopening roadmap – Perrottet has wasted no time putting his own stamp on the roadmap, bringing dates forward to ease restrictions. Businesses are open, they are however, responsible for enforcing double-vaccination…

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Winding down: JobSaver and COVID Disaster payment


As the vaccination rate continues to climb, and businesses are able to open, employ, serve and trade, the State and Federal governments have communicated their plan to withdraw the financial support provided over this June-October lockdown period. JobSaver has been tapered from 40% to 30% of weekly payroll, and now that the State has reached…

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New process from Nov 1 for employers paying super


Employers will need to comply with the Federal government’s superannuation reforms that will come into effect on 1 November. When employing a new person, employers must supply the usual Super standard choice form where the new employee can nominate an existing fund for superannuation to be paid into. The Federal Government has introduced an additional…

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Protecting business from imminent supply issues

If lockdown wasn’t hard enough for businesses, the challenges are set to continue as supply lines have been severely disrupted by overloaded distribution and logistics operators, strikes, overseas stock shortages and skyrocketing oil prices. Smart business owners are having to make major adjustments so that consumers don’t turn the blame to them when their goods…

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Property: peaks and troughs of 2021-2022

If you are in the market to buy or sell a house, you will have been watching property sales with interest and, in many cases, astonishment. Prices have hit extraordinary highs. The big question on everyone’s lips: will it slow? The short answer: probably not soon, but tighter rules around lending may be on the…

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