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4 reasons you must have a business plan right now!


The purpose of business planning is not only to give you the light on the hill – the goals that drive your strategies and focus – but, importantly, to improve your financial return. In this unpredictable business environment, COVID can surprise businesses with a forced closure or limited mobility, disrupt supply and consumer trends, or…

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JUNE 2021: What’s new in the economic zoo

COVID-19 Grants, Loans & Financial Assistance

The National Australia Bank held an economic breakfast earlier this month to update us on the current state of play at a national level, as well as local Central Coast impact. Here are some of the key insights on investment markets from their Director of Economics and Markets. Australia’s recovery from the COVID crisis has…

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Financial management during relationship breakdown and divorce

Not only can it take a huge emotional toll on those involved, it is a defining financial event in life. A pragmatic approach to how you manage business and money when a relationship ends is an important step towards financial security. A good first step towards financial pragmatism and ultimately, independence, is to involve a…

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