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Small Business Tax Cuts

Small business tax cuts

The Federal Government has fast-tracked corporate tax-cuts for small and medium businesses with turnovers of up to $50m, introducing it to Federal Parliament. So how much tax do we have to pay? Draft laws to drop the tax rate to 26% in 2020/21, then to 25% the following year cleared the House of Representatives and…

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U-Factor Recommendation: Small Business Month Podcast


October is Small Business Month, an initiative by the NSW State Government to support small businesses that make up 50% of Australia’s workforce. We’re really impressed with the business podcast series, Flying Solo, that includes interviews with business owners who have cracked their market to navigate some of the challenges of balancing business and lifestyle.

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Client in Focus – Onyx Coffee Spirits

Onyx Coffee Spirits

Mitch and Matt Faulkner are cousins, and they established Onyx Coffee Spirits in 2012 with their friends of four decades, Pete the distiller and Scaysey and Ini the coffee brewers. It started with a taste for coffee, a flair for cocktails and an observation of market demand for both. “Mitch, Scaysey and Ini have been…

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Business Owners: Time to get your head in the cloud

Xero Platinum Partner

Single Touch Payroll legislation will require small businesses to use cloud software next year. With this in mind, David Evers and Troy Marchant recently attended the Xerocon 2018 event in Brisbane with thousands of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Small Business owners and they were pleased to see that technology is helping business owners find time for…

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The top reasons we ask for financial help

Most people choose to see a financial adviser at significant turning points in their life, according to David Evers from Gosford Accounting and Financial Planning firm Robson Partners.

David Evers says “I usually see people set up a meeting for advice when starting work or changing jobs and looking at superannuation options.”

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The How To’s Of Increasing Your Cash Flow

Cash flow

Proper forecasting is essential for the long-term success of your business – particularly when it comes to cashflow.

Cashflow is generally cited by the small business owners I work with, as their NUMBER ONE concern. Many are regularly caught unaware by cashflow shortages, a situation which in turn severely restricts their ability to grow their business as they’d like.

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