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Post-JobKeeper Government Stimulus for SMEs

Small business loans

JobKeeper will end on 28 March. For those currently accessing JobKeeper, the Government has announced an extension to, and expansion of, its SME Loan Guarantee Scheme. The expansion will increase the possible loan amount from $1million to $5million, with banks set to guarantee 80% of the loan and repayment relief on both principal and interest…

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Should you book a flight?

Cheap flights

The government has announced a $1.2 billion injection into the tourism industry that will involve slashing consumer flight prices to certain locations around Australia. Take a holiday, spend your money – says the Federal Government. So…should you? It is very tempting. Between April and July, a 50 per cent discount on tickets will be offered…

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How business can stay profitable in a discount world

We live in a consumer savvy world, where consumers hunt down the best prices from the comfort of their lounge rooms, and anonymously review products and services with the click of a button. It’s no wonder price discounting is so common – businesses are competing to provide the best quality and value. It can be…

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It’s time to talk about…insurance

protect yourself

Premiums are rising at enormous rates. It can be tempting to stop paying them. But how vulnerable does that leave you and any dependents? Income insurance premiums are rising by more than 70% in the next month or so. It is unreal to think that one jump could be so high. The cause is pointed…

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