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How SMEs can stay on top of business

business strategy

The last two years have taught us all that the world is increasingly unpredictable. Business owners and managers have less control than ever, but there are two simple things businesses can do NOW to prepare for the next unpredictable event, and ultimately stay on top. Risk management planning By definition, risk is something that poses…

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Cost of Living stress

cost of living

The cost of living is worrying Australians. Consumers have been spooked in recent weeks by eye-watering petrol prices and grocery costs. The Central Coast has the added pressure of rising council rates and property/rental prices to boot. Nervousness remains, with the war in Ukraine set to continue to disrupt oil supply and the cost of…

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How much superannuation should you have at your age?


Recent figures by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) show how much people of various ages actually have in super, versus how much they’ll need in retirement. They are two very different numbers that highlight the need for Australians of all ages to engage in their super to make sure they will have…

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Safe as Houses? The Sequel

Housing market

Article by AllianceBernstein In our 2017 article “ Safe as Houses? Don’t Bet on it.” we argued that Australian house prices can and do fall. With the Westpac-Institute of Melbourne Time-to-Buy a dwelling index at lows not seen since the GFC, it’s a good time to revisit that analysis. House prices up 20 to 30% in…

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