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New round of government supports announced for small business

business support package

Some have said that ‘living with COVID’ has been worse for business than lockdowns. Thankfully, those worst affected over the summer period are now able to access the NSW government’s 2022 Small Business Support Program as well as extended financial relief programs. Here’s the what and how… The 2022 Small Business Support Program is for…

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Business steps to keep people safe and doors open


When restrictions eased in October 2021, hopes were as high as the vaccination rates. We were ready to ‘learn to live with COVID’. Then Omicron ripped through families, communities and businesses, challenging safety, staff and supply. How can a small business owner compete with Omicron in order to protect staff and consumers, and continue to…

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Business owners talk: “we’re stressed by cashflow”

cash flow

A survey conducted by Business NSW of more than 2000 businesses has shown that business confidence is low, and almost half are in major cashflow stress. The businesses were from a variety of industries, and across both metropolitan and regional NSW. Caused by the rollercoaster of mandated and shadow lockdowns, a fluctuation of restrictions and…

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Winding down: JobSaver and COVID Disaster payment


As the vaccination rate continues to climb, and businesses are able to open, employ, serve and trade, the State and Federal governments have communicated their plan to withdraw the financial support provided over this June-October lockdown period. JobSaver has been tapered from 40% to 30% of weekly payroll, and now that the State has reached…

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Can employers mandate vaccination?


Many employers are requiring that staff be vaccinated in anticipation of easing restrictions. So, can it be mandated? Industries such as healthcare, aged-care, construction, education, early education/care and disability support services, as well as certain LGA’s of concern, are required by public health order to be vaccinated by certain dates. In this case, the vaccination…

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6 steps to your business crisis management plan

crisis management

COVID-19 is the crisis that just won’t go away. From a business perspective, it is critical to factor the pandemic into business management, and it is, thankfully, not an onerous process at all. A good crisis management plan that is put into action will protect and promote your business. It may only take business owners…

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COVID-19 Disaster Payment for Individuals

COVID disaster payment

The NSW and Federal has Government created a new stimulus package for those businesses and individuals directly and financially impacted the COVID-19 lockdown status. Here is what you need to know about the COVID Disaster Payment for Individuals… How much $600 per week When From week four of a lockdown, recurring, for the duration of…

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COVID-19: Small and medium business support package

COVID business

Support for businesses impacted by COVID has changed shape in the last week or so. Here is what you need to know about the latest small and medium business support package… Joint State & Commonwealth support How much 40 per cent of a business’s NSW payroll payments, at a minimum of $1,500 and a maximum…

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Give us a ‘V’


‘V’ for vaccine and ‘V’-shaped economic recovery. The V-word has had a polarising and exhausting effect on the nation. No matter what your position, the health and economic implications are significant. In this article, we focus on the latter. The economic impact of a delayed rollout is an increased risk of spot lockdowns, and sustained…

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Should you book a flight?

Cheap flights

The government has announced a $1.2 billion injection into the tourism industry that will involve slashing consumer flight prices to certain locations around Australia. Take a holiday, spend your money – says the Federal Government. So…should you? It is very tempting. Between April and July, a 50 per cent discount on tickets will be offered…

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