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2023 business people and workplace trends

There is a real family and lifestyle theme to the business people and workplace trends of the future. This comes after two years of social distancing and the governments new strategy of encouraging primary carers back to work to help alleviate the skills shortage.  Here’s what you can expect to see some top employers offering…

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What rising interest rates will do to business cashflow

wage increases

It is likely Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate will rise to circa 2.5% by the end of the 2023 calendar year. This will put significant pressure on small business cash flow. Business owners need to act now to stay ahead of the game. The reason for the interest rate increase is largely the current…

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Time for a business health check-up?

Dear Business Owner, How have you been feeling lately? Are you losing sleep, low on motivation, making lifestyle choices that you know aren’t good for your health but you’re so stressed you just don’t care? Your physical health is often a symptom of poor business health. If your business is not humming along soundly, it…

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Small business defence against inflation


Inflation is the latest concern for small business. Levels in the USA are concerning, and while it is not as bad here in Australia, trends such as higher cost of living and increasing interest rates have us all on alert. The current inflation rate is 5.1% – Small businesses need space and opportunity to rise…

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How SMEs can stay on top of business

business strategy

The last two years have taught us all that the world is increasingly unpredictable. Business owners and managers have less control than ever, but there are two simple things businesses can do NOW to prepare for the next unpredictable event, and ultimately stay on top. Risk management planning By definition, risk is something that poses…

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Business owners talk: “we’re stressed by cashflow”

cash flow

A survey conducted by Business NSW of more than 2000 businesses has shown that business confidence is low, and almost half are in major cashflow stress. The businesses were from a variety of industries, and across both metropolitan and regional NSW. Caused by the rollercoaster of mandated and shadow lockdowns, a fluctuation of restrictions and…

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