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Small business defence against inflation


Inflation is the latest concern for small business. Levels in the USA are concerning, and while it is not as bad here in Australia, trends such as higher cost of living and increasing interest rates have us all on alert. The current inflation rate is 5.1% – Small businesses need space and opportunity to rise…

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Business steps to keep people safe and doors open


When restrictions eased in October 2021, hopes were as high as the vaccination rates. We were ready to ‘learn to live with COVID’. Then Omicron ripped through families, communities and businesses, challenging safety, staff and supply. How can a small business owner compete with Omicron in order to protect staff and consumers, and continue to…

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Protecting business from imminent supply issues

If lockdown wasn’t hard enough for businesses, the challenges are set to continue as supply lines have been severely disrupted by overloaded distribution and logistics operators, strikes, overseas stock shortages and skyrocketing oil prices. Smart business owners are having to make major adjustments so that consumers don’t turn the blame to them when their goods…

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