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Post-JobKeeper Government Stimulus for SMEs

Small business loans

JobKeeper will end on 28 March. For those currently accessing JobKeeper, the Government has announced an extension to, and expansion of, its SME Loan Guarantee Scheme. The expansion will increase the possible loan amount from $1million to $5million, with banks set to guarantee 80% of the loan and repayment relief on both principal and interest…

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JobKeeper Audits

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has continued with their company audit regime throughout COVID, now with increasing focus on JobKeeper reviews. Employers have been required to provide further record of employee details, contracts and payroll, as well as business activity to ensure the details align with the JobKeeper applications and historic BAS and STP records.…

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Federal Budget 2020 – What it means for you

Budget night is always full of opinion and commentary, sometimes it can be difficult to identify the facts. We’ve cut through the noise to highlight the items that we think will affect your hip pocket… Individuals: Income tax cuts                Low-and middle-income earners who earn below $180,000 will see a tax cut equaling between $500-$2,745…

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