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6 tips for being better off in 2023

2023 is likely to bring further inflation, interest rate rises and higher cost of goods and services. Now is a good time to consider how to make your money stretch further so you can be better off in the areas that mean the most to you. 1. Run a spending audit Print your bank statements…

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How to grow your financial value in 2022


We love the swell of self-motivation and positivity that often comes with a new year. If managing your money in 2022 is one of your goals, you’ll be pleased to know is not very difficult to increase your value. Here are some simple steps to get ahead… Look back Log in to your online banking…

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JUNE 2021: What’s new in the economic zoo

COVID-19 Grants, Loans & Financial Assistance

The National Australia Bank held an economic breakfast earlier this month to update us on the current state of play at a national level, as well as local Central Coast impact. Here are some of the key insights on investment markets from their Director of Economics and Markets. Australia’s recovery from the COVID crisis has…

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Managing your own finances vs. having a Financial Coach

Here’s how you can weigh up what is right for you. You need to assess your skill set, your training and your appetite to continually develop your financial acumen. Consider home DIY as an analogy. If you’ve done it all your life, had a great teacher along the way, go to courses, seek industry information,…

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