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What a Perrottet government means for business and personal wealth

New South Wales’ new State Premier, Dominic Perrottet, has communicated his agenda for a number of economic reforms that will impact businesses and individuals. Reopening roadmap – Perrottet has wasted no time putting his own stamp on the roadmap, bringing dates forward to ease restrictions. Businesses are open, they are however, responsible for enforcing double-vaccination…

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Further changes announced: Payroll Tax

payroll tax

A note from the State Government: Payroll tax customers have the option of deferring their payroll tax payments until 14 January 2022. This is an extension on the first deferral date of October 2021. All customers are still required to lodge the 2020/21 annual reconciliation by the due date which has been extended to 14…

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How business can stay profitable in a discount world

We live in a consumer savvy world, where consumers hunt down the best prices from the comfort of their lounge rooms, and anonymously review products and services with the click of a button. It’s no wonder price discounting is so common – businesses are competing to provide the best quality and value. It can be…

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