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Business steps to keep people safe and doors open


When restrictions eased in October 2021, hopes were as high as the vaccination rates. We were ready to ‘learn to live with COVID’. Then Omicron ripped through families, communities and businesses, challenging safety, staff and supply. How can a small business owner compete with Omicron in order to protect staff and consumers, and continue to…

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6 steps to your business crisis management plan

crisis management

COVID-19 is the crisis that just won’t go away. From a business perspective, it is critical to factor the pandemic into business management, and it is, thankfully, not an onerous process at all. A good crisis management plan that is put into action will protect and promote your business. It may only take business owners…

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4 reasons you must have a business plan right now!


The purpose of business planning is not only to give you the light on the hill – the goals that drive your strategies and focus – but, importantly, to improve your financial return. In this unpredictable business environment, COVID can surprise businesses with a forced closure or limited mobility, disrupt supply and consumer trends, or…

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