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6 tips for being better off in 2023

2023 is likely to bring further inflation, interest rate rises and higher cost of goods and services. Now is a good time to consider how to make your money stretch further so you can be better off in the areas that mean the most to you. 1. Run a spending audit Print your bank statements…

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Cost of Living stress

cost of living

The cost of living is worrying Australians. Consumers have been spooked in recent weeks by eye-watering petrol prices and grocery costs. The Central Coast has the added pressure of rising council rates and property/rental prices to boot. Nervousness remains, with the war in Ukraine set to continue to disrupt oil supply and the cost of…

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NSW Budget: what it means for the Central Coast

Central Coast development

The 2021-2022 NSW Budget announced in June includes funding for the Central Coast region. Here are the notes from the NSW Government website on what we can expect locally… Education $16.1 million in 2021-22 to complete the new Porters Creek Public School in Warnervale.  Health  $32.9 million in 2021-22 (as part of a $200 million project) for…

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Federal Budget 2020 – What it means for you

Budget night is always full of opinion and commentary, sometimes it can be difficult to identify the facts. We’ve cut through the noise to highlight the items that we think will affect your hip pocket… Individuals: Income tax cuts                Low-and middle-income earners who earn below $180,000 will see a tax cut equaling between $500-$2,745…

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