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Webinar: JobKeeper 2.0 and other HR essentials for business owners

Building blocks

This webinar is now over - held on Wednesday, 23 September 2020.

JobKeeper 1.0 has helped many businesses to maintain their pre-COVID team structures.

Sustainability and resilience are now the key questions.

When JobKeeper 2.0 starts in October, the changed eligibility criteria may make it difficult to preserve the status quo.

It is for that reason that small businesses must have a business recovery plan ready to go on 29 September.

Join Troy Marchant, Director at AdviceCo. for a free webinar and Q&A session covering the business owners' approach to JobKeeper 2.0 in practice, team structure, employee contracts, job descriptions, policies and procedures, termination, redundancy, superannuation, and leave options.

Troy is a specialist in team structure for optimum business performance and has helped thousands of businesses to objectively identify the best human resource model for business health during and after JobKeeper. Troy is also a key partner for many business owners in JobKeeper, managing eligibility tests and business reporting.

The right team and resources in place for the right jobs will impact on your ability to navigate this new business environment and ultimately survive and grow.