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Client in Focus: Kincumber Gym Posted on October 9, 2018

After many years of working a desk job and commuting long hours to work, Bryan Smith knew that he wanted more out of life. He decided to find something he was really passionate about – which was fitness, so he became a Personal Trainer

His business grew from 2 clients (one of which is still a gym member today), into a Personal Training Studio. Kincumber Gym was born in 2005 and started in a very small premise, which they outgrew very quickly. They expanded and moved into a brand new facility in 2007. 

Teaming up with wife Belinda, they knew that they wanted to create a place where the local community could achieve their health and fitness goals, in a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

Belinda explains, “we wanted to make a positive change in people’s lives and be known as a gym that is friendly, non-intimidating and has a relaxed atmosphere. A place the whole family can work out, the kids, parents and grandparents. Where not only the staff make you feel welcome, but the members do as well. I believe we have achieved these goals.” 

The gym prides itself on the feedback it gets from its members. When I visited the gym recently, I asked a member why they loved coming here and they said “I really love coming to Kincumber gym. The whole atmosphere between members is unlike any other gym I’ve experienced and the instructor’s friendliness and professionalism is second to none. I am also very fond of the crèche staff. They do a fantastic job with all of the children.”

Like many other small business owners, Bryan and Belinda got into business thinking they could have the freedom and flexibility to work the hours they wanted – it wasn’t long before they found out just how hard small business could be. 

“We now know that it takes a lot of hard work, persistence, commitment and discipline to operate a small business. You need to be willing to learn, be prepared to change, welcome all kinds of feedback, and never, EVER give up.” 

The business focus at the moment is a balancing act between time management and gaining and retaining more members. At the same time, the gym is adapting to changes in the industry by trying to improve member involvements through introducing different programs. 

Bryan explains, “we recently completed our Winter Challenge and Kilometres for Charity Challenge, which saw different members coming together to achieve the same goals. We have reintroduced Member of the Month which recognises and rewards members that are progressing well with their fitness goals and free member talks. We have also finally got an interactive facebook page!” 

When Bryan and Belinda began to hit that “glass ceiling” that many businesses do, they knew that they needed more support to break through and reach that next level. Through 10X Business Coaching, a concept that they easily related to because of personal training, they have had access to a platform of accountability to help them get things done. 

“10X helps keep me on track and focussed. I benefit greatly from the monthly reporting, goal setting and workshops. I love to learn and develop my own knowledge, and 10X provides this for me. Our coach Troy Marchant is really passionate about helping us, and other small business. We have worked with a few other coaches in the past, which didn’t work out. I always felt really discouraged and deflated after their sessions, but I never feel that way after working with Troy.” 

Bryan and Belinda have not shielded their team from 10X who are also involved in regular learning and accountability sessions. “we currently have a great team at Kincumber Gym, who are all keen to make Kincumber Gym the best place to work at and work out at. They are keen to see the gym be as successful as we want it to be.” 

Belinda says “for her and Bryan, there has been a massive mind set shift for them over the last 12 months by working with 10X coaching, I have really high expectations of myself, and am really hard on myself when things don’t go according to plan. I now realise that I can’t do everything (although I sometimes want to) and that to excel you need to focus relentlessly on that thing.” 

Belinda has a great motto for this. She says, “Keep the main thing the main thing”

“I have really pushed myself out of my comfort zone by getting out into the community to promote what we do. I have also learned that stress can be mostly prevented by doing the right things at the right times.” 

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