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Client in Focus: See Thru Cleaning Posted on October 9, 2018

In Ceri’s words he is an “accidental businessman” who has grown along with the business.

Ceri explains, “My original goal was to find ten hours of window cleaning work to support my family while I continued my singing career.” Before too long, Ceri was taking orders from some of the biggest shopping centres and Universities in regional NSW.

“Our business has met many mile stones over the past twelve months like passing over 700 weekly, fortnightly and monthly recurring clients to the point where we have over 1,200 clients in our data base. We have had good gains in other divisions of our business such as carpet cleaning and pressure cleaning. We are now starting to see the benefits that come with owning a business our size. We have now moved from a home office to a business premises.”

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and like every small business there are challenges, “Skilled labour is always hard to find, but we are getting there – and of course cash flow is vital in a business like ours whose biggest expense is wages and transport costs.

Ceri and his partner Katrina were seeking new ideas in the business and brought See Thru Cleaning to the Robson Partners Business Coaching Division, 10X.

This has been invaluable as Ceri explains, “10X has been a second pair of eyes to look over the business. I find 10X sometimes reassures me to make a decision I am unsure about or has an alternative view that when put into practice has great gains of efficiency, savings or increases in revenue. Overall 10X is a great support to my business.

I find Troy to be very relatable. He has an ability to listen and expand on concepts and contribute positively to the general direction of my mindset. In short, he helps me to make things happen, not create obstacles.”

Ceri also credits the growth to having a great group behind the business, “My team meets the challenges as they come and treats each day as a new opportunity to learn. We have employed 2 trainees to improve our client service ability and our youngest additions to See Thru Cleaning are proving to be among our greatest assets. “

While Ceri and the team have made great strides to grow the business, they haven’t lost their sense of community responsibility and support many charities and sporting groups.

Ceri puts the business growth and success to date down to many things, but as he explains one things sticks out, ” What makes us good at what we do is the ability to embrace change and capitalise on the opportunities as they come. People inside our business are always adjusting, always taking on new challenges and I like to think that what makes our team what it is, is our ability to adapt to these changes”.

At the time of writing this, “in five years and 364 days, I am planning to take twelve months’ time off with my wife to travel Australia. In that time, my goal is to have my businesses returning me a passive income”.

If you would like to learn more about See Thur Cleaning and their success contact Ceri today!

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