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Client in Focus – Express Lube Posted on October 9, 2018

Damian began his business career in Canada (where he owns several bars), before moving to Australia where he was an integral part in the openings of both Crown Casino in 1996 and Star City Casino in 1997.

Damian noticed that there was a more efficient, cost effective method of vehicle servicing in North America, which proved successful and popular with consumers since its launch 35 years ago.
After successfully trialling the concept at West Gosford for 18 months, Damian and his team were able to expand to a second location in June of 2011 at Tuggerah.
Damian explains, “At the moment both shops are performing fantastically and we are enjoying steady growth at both locations. The new shops sales and customer growth rate are 4 times the rate as when we opened our first location and we are confident it will show a profit in its first year of operation.”

“In the next 12 months, we are looking at expanding to one more shop on the Central Coast as well as opening up two simultaneously in Newcastle, of which one would be our first franchise deal. The ultimate goal is to franchise throughout Australia, so we are eager to get the franchise model completed and operational as quickly as possible to become a leader within our industry.”

However, like any business, there are challenges along the way. Damian explains, “Our biggest challenges are currently, and have always been the cost of labour in Australia. In order to offer low priced services or products you need exceptional volume to make any money at all, let alone have a thriving business.

In order to maintain our extremely high level of efficiency and customer service, we must have more staff on hand than your general mechanical workshop. As we do not require an appointment and offer express servicing done while you wait, we have to ensure that our customers are not only loyal and come back, but refer us on to friends, family and co-workers to keep us busy. Quality work, honest and fair pricing combined with a clean environment and exceptional customer service is the only way to ensure this.” This is Express Lubes mission.

Express Lube came to Robson Partners in the early stages of their development to see if their growth plans were sound and if the concept was viable in the Central Coast market.

“About 6 months in we attended some coaching sessions with Troy and the team at Robsons and some of their insight and advice has proven invaluable to the successes we have enjoyed in our first 2 years of business. Starting a new company, let alone introducing a new concept in a foreign market can be extremely overwhelming and things can be missed or overlooked. Their team got us refocussed and moving in the right direction with a clear and calculated plan for success. They helped create strategies specifically tailored to our unique business and set out guidelines and deadlines for implementation.”

Damian knew that for the residents of the Central Coast to embrace his business he had to give something back and is a regular supporter of the community. “Express Lube has always prided itself as a community supporter and we will continue to do so throughout the life of the company. From day one, we have supported junior sporting teams with auction items and financial contributions and we look forward to expanding this to even more teams this year and also purchasing much needed equipment.”

Damian is confident for the next 12 months, “We are presently negotiating with a few different parties to begin the franchise phase of our business. Beginning in 2012, we will be seeking locations in Newcastle and with a bit of luck opening up two shops simultaneously. As well, we are looking at possibly opening interstate by the end of 2012 or early 2013.”

This will be a critical phase for Express Lube as they expand and they will lean on quality financial advice. “The team at Robson Partners are true professionals in their field. You truly get a sense that they not only care about you on a professional level, but also on a personal level.”

“I believe the term generally used for coaching in this manner is ‘Business Coach’, but in many aspects they are a ‘life coach’, to help you keep balance and focus professionally and personally. They are always eager to celebrate our wins with us and work through any issues we may experience along this journey.”

If you would like to contact Damian and experience the very best in motor vehicle care, click here.

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