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Client in focus: East Gosford Physiotherapy Posted on October 9, 2018

This month, Russell talks about the changes he has seen in business and what he has done to grow from a one man business without a computer, offering physiotherapy from 8am to 8pm and Saturday mornings, to one of the premier physiotherapists on the Central Coast.

Like many business owners, Russell’s primary goal for going into business was to become self sufficient. 

After working in the public hospital system as a staff physiotherapist and then in a private physiotherapy practice, Russell and his wife Katey made the decision to head North to begin their own business.

Mr Tuckerman had always wanted to own his own practice, treating anything from back pain to sprained ankles to teaching pilates and core stability. 

As in life businesses evolve over time and right now one of the key focuses is the development of a side business which has been developed with one of Russell’s key team, Louise Smith.

Louise and Russell have brought a program called “BOUNCE Back” to the Central Coast. BOUNCE Back was designed by a Sydney based sports physiotherapist specialist and is run by physiotherapists. It is aimed at restoring normal spinal movement patterns and strength to help people recover from back and neck injury problems. 

This class is supervised, and is more cost effective way of progressing rehabilitation. East Gosford Physiotherapy have had great results with this program over a number of years, in making people self sufficient and in the management of their own spinal and postural problems.

Russell says “in the same way he supports his patients, it is important to get the right support in business. Business challenges vary at different times. One at present is growth and maintaining a great team.”

“A recent exercise in marketing and business planning was assisted by Robson Partners. The relationship I have with my Client Manager and David Robson helped in this planning process, as it is closely linked with tax planning.”

“David has always taken a proactive role in suggesting ideas which have progressed my business. This has happened consistently for many years, particularly with growing wealth through superannuation and investments.”

Russell says “the business has changed with the times. We have invested in technology and we are using a real time ultrasound to monitor patients’ muscle control and give them specific feedback to enhance their training.”

“Over the next 12 months we will continue to offer solutions to people with musculoskeletal problems, especially back pain and a pathway to go beyond just ‘getting better’. I would like our pathway to include strategies to improve performance in their chosen activity not just recover from their problems. This revolves around prevention of future problems and injuries.”

Russell shares one of his tips that helped him grow with other small businesses, “the best thing about my accountant is the ongoing assistance and advice about business planning and management – not just after the end of the financial year to work out how we are going to pay the tax bill.”

“Business planning and strategy are key cogs in tax planning and having a team of accountants to assist in this area has helped me over many years with the day to day running of my business, but also in planning for growth and development.”

“This has positively impacted on my life and my business has been able to prosper and while I still work very hard and long hours, I know I have someone in my corner when financial decisions need to be made.”

East Gosford Physio has recently introduced yoga and pilates into the business. 

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