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Market Update #1 – Coronavirus Posted on March 4, 2020

Market update

Further to our recent market update email, the uncertainty that surrounds the coronavirus has impacted equity markets over the last week. While we can’t know the true extent or timeframe of this market performance and business landscape, there are number of important facts to note.

What we know:

  • The issue is escalating. The number of cases is increasing and there is no effective management strategy for the illness in place.
  • The global and local economy has responded negatively. The downturn has impacted GDP, the Australian dollar and investments. Industries have been disrupted by restrictions on supply chain and travel.
  • The market is preparing for further impact. ASIC has instigated a pandemic working group across the ASX, banks, insurers, superannuation funds, brokers and regulators and the Prime Minister has activated a response and stimulus plan. The Reserve Bank will meet today to reassess their once optimistic forecast.

Remember, panic is not an investment strategy. Focus on controlling the controllables.

Likely scenarios:

  • Continued escalation of the infection globally, and throughout Australia.
  • Further decline in the share market, Australian dollar, and GDP. As at the time of sending this email, the market has rebounded.
  • Disruption to local industry.

Recommended action in regards to your investments:

  • Engage in your portfolio. Ask and understand the detail of how a downturn will impact your position now and later.
  • Understand your investment timeframe. It is always best to play the long game when it comes to a downturn in the market. If this is not possible, you should speak with your Financial Advisor.

Recommended action in regards to your business:

  • Check your insurance.
  • Do a risk analysis on your productivity, and put a plan in place to ensure your business experiences minimal disruption.
  • Communicate your expectations to your staff when it comes to illness and options.

When it comes to public safety, it is important to keep calm and carry on. Keep your priorities in check. We are here to support you.

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