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Client in Focus: Jimmy G’s Posted on October 9, 2018


James Nouri is the owner, founder and visionary of Jimmy G’s. A successful business relies on the input from an experienced and open minded team and at Jimmy G’s, James is guided by the advice of business development, accountants, human resources and training experts to deliver and build the success of the Jimmy G’s brand.

At the age of 18, Jimmy’s energy, love for coffee and focus were poured into his first cafe, Central Espresso, which opened in Gosford in 2002. He spent the first few years learning more about coffee, food trends and also the factors essential to running a successful and reputable hospitality business. Now James has a successful business involving cafes, take-away and restaurants and considered a hospitality leader throughout the NSW Central Coast region.

In 2009 James Nouri opened the first Lebanese restaurant on the Central Coast, at a time when the idea was criticised and doubted by others in the industry. With steadfast ambition and a spirit of excellence, Byblos began trade and was one of the most successful restaurants in the region with a benchmark for weekly trade. In 2014 Byblos was sold to advance the Jimmy G’s brand.

In 2015 the Jimmy G’s logo became a registered trademark and gave the green light for the company to commence the process of establishing a Franchise model. Now in 2016 the company is about to open two additional stores and has begun generating interest from prospective Franchisees.

It is the Jimmy G’s vision to become a household name amongst the coffee lovers of Australia, and to be in front of mind for a meeting place, suitable to any occasion. “We want our customers to feel connected to our brand, and share with us our journey of a small business from the Central Coast,” James says.

The business is currently going through a refinement phase, where systems and procedures are being revisited from an operational and feasibility perspective.

The Jimmy G’s brand is supported by a commercial kitchen in West Gosford that operates 6 days per-week: cooking, storing and distributing Jimmy G’s produce across all stores. This commercial kitchen was established in 2015 to assist in the growth and expansion of the brand beyond the Central Coast and support the Franchise model.

James explains about the recent challenges and how his team have responded – “Robson Partners have been assisting Jimmy G’s to identify areas in which our current operations can become more streamlined with greater output and a reduction in costs. This process has not been easy, nor has it been quick, however, the brand is making noticeable changes through implementing strategic changes.

Our team at Jimmy G’s have been on board throughout the whole process and without their cooperation, the changes we have needed to make wouldn’t be possible. We are very fortunate here that our team, our staff, are loyal to the brand and want it to succeed as much as the next person. The Jimmy G’s staff give our brand a heartbeat, they provide fantastic service consistently and we are very proud of them all.”

Over the last 12 months, the brand has been invested to establishing a Franchise model while continuing expansion of company run stores. At present, James is overseeing the construction of three separate projects all set to open by July this year, as well as completing a third draft of the Franchise model.

“We have been very diligent and focused on the continuous expansion of the business, pursuing sites across the Central Coast as well as looking for opportunities north.”

At the moment, the business employs around 60 staff and come July, once the projects are complete, Jimmy G’s will be looking at an employment pool of around 90.

James explains “There is great satisfaction in creating jobs and employing people within your community; it is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a business owner.”

Over the next 12 months, the brand will be looking to execute a handful of Franchise agreements and hopefully see two or three stores opened by Franchisees.

“The best thing about our Professional Adviser & Accountant is his wealth of knowledge and level of support offered. The wisdom and knowledge that we are advised with has been proven true on all cases. Sometimes it may not be what we wanted to hear, however, it has been the right advice and the brand would not have progressed as far as it has without it.

Robson Partners have given us the confidence not only in our business but also in our life, where we can apply the principles they teach us to a variety of aspects. I feel that the way in which we have been mentored and advised can contribute to our confidence in life direction, investment and purpose.

The relationship with Troy is professional and friendly, as though a family member graduated top of their class and shares with you all the tip and secrets that he learnt. Contacting Troy is easy and convenient and his response time is always realistic and reasonable.”

James says that the last 12 months have helped create an educated perspective on many business elements that were once previously overlooked. He feels that he and the business have grown in professional ability to make wise investments and strategic business decisions to influence a positive return.

The skills and knowledge James and the team are developing now will be imperative to their future growth and expansion beyond the Central Coast.

If you would like to learn more about the success of Jimmy G’s, or would like to see what they have to offer, click here or visit their website.

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