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Client in Focus: Big Tuna Fish Co. Posted on October 9, 2018


Alma Bogie, owner and founder of Big Tuna Fish Co., started in seafood at the age of 19, working in Newcastle and Sydney. Working her way up to management, Alma drew inspiration whilst travelling through Asia and Europe; she developed a strong desire to start her own business.

She could see that people she had worked for on her journey often worked with a lack of passion. She felt her expertise in, understanding of, seafood, along with her passion, would make for a successful business.

Alma wanted to share her love of seafood with other seafood lovers and bring a unique edge of traditional seafood to the Central Coast – a place she loves.

The business is experiencing wins in the way of increased turnover and great reviews, with the focus now being on expansion and growth. Over the next 12 months, however, the pair aim to continue to increase their turnover and to consolidate their brand.

Victoria says, “With growth comes ironing out and speeding up of our accounting systems. Also with growth comes fear… fear of not being able to manage the ‘growth’.

Robson Partners have helped appease this fear with their confident approach in teaching us our new accounting system and making sure we have our ‘eyes open’ when venturing out of our ‘comfort zone’ with growth and expansion.

Big Tuna Fish Co. has always supported the community and its people. Alma is actively involved with the Police Citizens Youth Club, and the kids, giving work experience to young disadvantaged kids from time-to-time. The kids from PCYC did the murals in the new laneway dining area of the restaurant.

Alma works closely with the Board of Directors of The Entrance Town Centre Management and is engaged in seeking ways to improve, and bring new events to the town which, of course, indirectly affects the business. “Instead of just focusing on your own business, being active in the town can only be a positive for everyone,” says Victoria.

Alma and Victoria have started using Xero as their new accounting system, which has had a positive impact by freeing up time.

“The best thing about Debbie would be the feeling that she actually does care and that she is not working for anyone but us. She has the time no matter how small the question or issue is. This has given us the confidence moving forward as we are relatively new clients and our ‘old’ accountants were ‘absent’ – we feel like part of the team.

We are happy Debbie and David are skilled and passionate and we are confident they ‘have our back’ on this journey moving forward,” Victoria says.

Victoria explains the mindset shifts in the business – “The surprise for Alma is that before some ‘successes’ it is hard to imagine what can be achieved, but when you ‘get there’ you realise that no goal or dream is too big. I guess the shift is ‘it is all possible’ and if you are going to fail, do it properly and with flair! At least there will be a good story at the end of the day.”

The goal for the pair is to work hard and smart and build a solid brand with integrity. The long-term aim: to take a road trip around Australia!

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