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Client in Focus: Cateraid Posted on October 9, 2018


At the early age of 13, Greg owned his first business with his older brother, after having thought of the total idea and the gains and losses to be made – “The gain always attracted me. The acumen was there from the start. ” By the time Greg started Cateraid, at age 20, he was a fully qualified chef.”

Greg explains the wins the business is currently experiencing, “We have found our niche. Everyone requires an expert’s advice to feel comfortable in the planning of the biggest day of their life. I can honestly say, that no other company in our market can offer the product we offer, to the standard we provide.” Greg’s current focus is his family – number one and above all else! His extended family has been there in the midst to help create his empire.

Greg and his team consider their entire 10 years’ experience when planning all facets of things such as:

  • Logistic
  • Guest movements
  • Food and beverage supply
  • Infrastructure
  • Special requirements
  • Power networks
  • Remote transport, etc.

Instead of relying on costly sub hire for their events, Cateraid have always endeavoured to own their own stock where possible. This, combined with strong catering revenue, has helped the business in growth areas (approximately 50% p.a. over the last 5 years) meaning the business situation can sometimes appear unhealthy on a balance sheet. This has resulted in the team being approximately 12 months away from accomplishing their stock inventory goals.

Since joining with Robson Partners, Greg has learned to understand how his business can assist with his “impatient” goals. He has also recently signed up with the online accounting software, Xero, which has made his life easier as he is able to watch the figures, helping offer plans for growth into other interesting areas of cash flow which is less labour intensive.

“Robsons has been truly a trusted advisor. I was recommended by a good friend (See Thru Cleaning CEO, Ceri Aubrey) and I have never looked back. My previous accountant was a year behind and offered nothing in the way of advice to plan or reduce my huge tax bills! I will be with Robsons until I pass to a better place (leaving a great legacy free from debt to my family also my soon to be acquired Lamborghini – well hopefully!)”

In the hospitality industry, Cateraid is seen majorly as a seasonal company. Greg runs a full time crew of 4, a part time crew of 6 and a casual force of around 20 staff. The teams have different levels of involvement but with Greg’s recent injury (dislocation of the right knee), they have stood up to be counted. With the positive social media reviews and industry peer reviews, Greg rates his crew as some of the best around New South Wales.

Greg comments on his relationship with the team at Robson Partners – “Troy is the man, Nikki is the bomb, Nick is fantastic – I have never experienced confidence in another business like I do in the Robson Partners Team…”

To find out more about the success of Cateraid or to learn more about the quality products and services, click here.

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