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Client in Focus: My Baby Basics Posted on October 9, 2018


Sally is a dedicated paediatric registered nurse. Her professional career began at Sydney Children’s Hospital where she worked in Paediatric Intensive Care, mainly focusing on caring for critically ill babies and children, and their families.

Sally founded My Baby Basics in 2012. After chatting with some fellow mums, she discovered that parents and care givers were wanting a family-friendly baby and child specific first aid and CPR course, yet none existed on the Central Coast or in Newcastle. From there, the idea to develop a family-focused first aid and CPR course evolved and My Baby Basics was born.

The original goal for Sally was to create a resource for local families to access quality family friendly education regarding their baby/child’s health; education they could draw on particularly during an emergency. She hoped to empower families with specific first aid and CPR skills and knowledge. The intention was to improve the health education of families and potentially improve the health outcomes for local children following an emergency. Sally aimed to be a completely family friendly business, welcoming the whole family, including babies, to education classes.

As the business nears its fourth year anniversary, Sally reveals she is seeing more potential with every passing year, assuring her of long-term success – “Our business is achieving slow steady growth. Demand and awareness is increasing, our services are expanding, our staff are staying.”

Over the next 12 months, Sally believes she and her team will broaden community awareness of the brand. Their aim – to further expand into the corporate teaching sector; to improve classes for families; to reach more at risk families.

Sally explains that growing a new business slowly, whilst nurturing and caring for two young children not yet at school, is incredibly challenging, however, her objective is to maintain this steady growth, whilst continuing to enjoy her young family.

“Accounting has never been my strong point. Understanding completely new concepts and programs is challenging. Unfortunately, this is the one job I always let slip a little.

We identified with Robsons we needed help organising the business finances. Robsons introduced us to a simple accounting software program and assisted with the setup of that. Cassie was able to set it up and show us the very humble beginnings of the program. This helps reduce the time for paying employees and tracking cashflow within the business.

Robson Partners helped us to identify ways to change the structure of our business ensuring we adhered to the relevant government regulations for employee relations.”

The new business structure has made it easier for Sally’s employees – they no longer need to worry about ABNs, insurance, work cover, etc., and it will also make it easier for them to lodge their tax information too.

Sally says that her team feels secure having a strong and thorough understanding of their functional role within the business. Changing the structure takes a lot of the burden from their shoulders.

“We are slowly but surely improving our local brand awareness and creating more educational services that we had never previously thought of when first launching our brand.”

My Baby Basics is now being recognised by other local businesses and organisations as a reputable, knowledgeable and reliable brand. Sally and her team work together with three of the MegaSave Chemists on the Central Coast and Newcastle, coming together to provide their clients with free baby CPR demonstrations. Other local community services also employ My Baby Basics to teach clients who may otherwise not be able to attend classes, which involves working with young parent groups and community parenting programs. In addition to this, Sally and her team have customised a high school based program designed to teach students about child safety.

“We work together on several local community events including the Central Coast Kid’s Day Out which we have sponsored two years running. We have also commenced working on another local project for the very first Central Coast Baby’s Day Out, an event to highlight local products and services from pregnancy, birth and through to toddlerhood, to local families. Continually networking and creating strong business relationships with other local businesses is improving the quality and knowledge of services amongst out local community.”

My Baby Basics is also now venturing into corporate education providing early childhood operators and carers with certified classes after partnering with a Registered Training Organisation.

Sally says the best thing about Robson Partners is “They can do the hard bit for me! I’ve never been mathematically passionate, these guys are and they oodle number love! The best thing about Troy is that he is beyond passionate, hard-working and real. Cassie is honest, approachable and clear.

They have created less stress through strong and reliable guidance. They have helped to take the accounting burden and fear away from our shoulders!

I’ve also realised I can only do what I can do. There’s one of me and one billion jobs to do. “One thing at a time” has become my new mantra.”

If you would like to learn more about Sally’s recent success or would like to enquire about a class, click here to visit her website.

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