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Client in Focus – LAB Fire Services Posted on October 9, 2018


Ben started his business after seeing an opportunity within the fire protection industry in the servicing market. Ben says, “With regulations filtered all the way through the commercial sector, I felt smaller organisations could use personal service to suit their protection needs.”

Being just two years since LAB Fire Services has begun, the business has had great success in building strong relationships with various construction companies which were not seen to be possible in the original mission. 

One of the major challenges facing the company at present is finding enthusiastic young workers with good work ethic, however, with the advantage and time saving of XERO, it has allowed LAB Fire Services to concentrate resources to recruitment and training. Ben adds “It is vital as less time is spent on admin, giving us more time to grow.”

The current focus of LAB Fire Services is to expand on the servicing side of the business whilst also maintaining contracting relationships with some of the large fire protection companies. It also aims at expanding over the next 12 months as there is currently major growth within the construction side of fire protection. 

“One of the greatest things about having a group of professionals as there are at Robson Partners, is the enthusiasm they have to see your business move forward to the next challenge, and have your company in the best possible position to meet those challenges,” says Ben, “Their team is always approachable with any concerns or technical issues and a solution is always promptly found. As a new start-up business, their guidance to understanding what is important has removed some of the major reservations I initially had prior to taking on working for myself.”

Since starting his business, Ben has found where his priorities lie with respect to time – “I can now concentrate more on making sure enthusiasm and moral amongst staff is at its best as the “knock on” effects benefit in so many ways – from client to satisfaction to the all important Christmas party!”

If you would like to learn more about Ben’s success or to find out more about the services he can offer you, click here.

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