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Client in Focus: AP Filter Solutions Posted on October 9, 2018


Peter and Andrea took over AP Filter Solutions in 2009 after the German head company closed the branch in Australia. Their goals were to extend the area of sales and achieve this by increasing their sales on a yearly basis.

They are now market leaders in filtration equipment for various industries such as mining or paper industry.

At this point in time, the team are focusing on increasing their client base and to promote their company name as “AP Filter Solutions” so that clients associate the name with their outstanding quality and service.

Despite the fact that the Australian economy is showing signs of weakness, Andrea explains that their business is still experiencing strong growth. They are hoping that in the next 12 months they will gain more clients, allowing the company to become stronger and better known in the market.

The mining industry’s heightened consciousness to reduce costs and a weakening Australian dollar impact Peter and Andrea’s business significantly. This has an impact on both the margins and costs of the business – gold mines in particular are facing tougher times due to the recent gold price movements.

In response to these challenges, Peter and Andrea have opened a USD account to lock in a strong AUD exchange rate. They have also reduced sales prices to stay in the market as all companies are looking into cost reductions heavily at present.

Even with the challenges the business is facing, the team are still successfully growing their turnover, mainly due to engaging more clients.

“Robson Partners follow up accounting topics quickly and they have the patience to explain things in detail, so that we, as non-experts, are able to understand what they are doing. Our relationship is professional and friendly at the same time. We are very happy with Robson Partners service and have recommended Robson Partners, Troy specifically, to close friends.”

In the future, Peter and Andrea’s goals are to apply forward thinking to all areas, taking on other products and increasing the team’s size. They also hope to exploit any strength in the Australian dollar to add to the foreign currency account, as a form of hedging the exposure to currency movements.

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