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Client in Focus: Leader Hydraulics Posted on October 9, 2018


Ray and Colleen took over ownership of Leader Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Engineering in February 2008 with intentions to extend the product range with specific exclusive distributorships being the main focus after the previous owner of over 20 years decided to wind down for retirement.

Since taking over, Ray and Colleen have increased their marketing for the business and are now becoming known for being a prime repairer and installer of wheelchair lifters to ensure top working order. Recently, they have received enquiries for heavy duty lifting equipment, such as hydraulic jacks, a product that the company has also been marketing.

Leader Hydraulics have also become distributors for several products such as Hydac, Valvoline, Liftech jacks, Blaster Lubrication Aerosols and A-Flo Equipment – “We hope to build a larger client base to supply these products to whilst ensuring reliability to our existing client base.” Colleen also adds, “We are faced with deciding which products are the right “fit” for our business.”

“We have found Troy to be instrumental in our success with our marketing campaigns. He has suggested marketing strategies and given us the push we needed to get our name out there. Because of this, Leader Hydraulics has been able to increase the monthly turnover, despite the weak Australian economy,” says Colleen.

The goals over the next 12 months for Ray and Colleen are to further increase their client base, and to increase staff numbers allowing Ray the opportunity to call on clients and build a more solid relationship with them, hoping to regain relationships with clients they have dealt with over the years in the industry.

Ray and Colleen describe their team as a reliable and integral part of the business, being able to gain more experience as the range of services expand, ensuring a more interesting place of employment. An ear is always open for suggestions put forward by the team, giving them ways to improve the business and guaranteeing it’s a team effort.

Since joining Robson Partners in 2011, Ray and Colleen have been able to successfully expand their business through the patience, expertise and direction given by Troy – “They have helpful, friendly and very accommodating service where needed…”

In the future, Ray and Colleen hope to build Leader Hydraulics into a trusted, reliable and profitable business with a health client base to match.

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