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Client in Focus – L & A Global Enterprise Posted on October 9, 2018

L & A Global Enterprise is a small business specialising in the location of underground construction. Luke and Aaron both shared the same expertise in the field and a significant passion for “digging holes” which sparked the decision to establish their own business.  After selling the family home to fund their venture, the business was then established in late 2007.

Luke discusses the current business situation at the moment as it being fairly slow by usual standards – “The challenges we face at the moment is that we are at risk of being just another contracting company.” They are working to force their way through the pack and to set themselves apart from their competitors.

“Our focus at the moment as business owners is about maintaining manageable growth” says Luke.

L & A Global hope that in the next 12 months, they will move away slightly from the normal communications and power conduit installations to gear up and expand into bigger machines and cutting bigger holes over longer distances. Luke comments, “We don’t feel like we are bound by any restrictions, we have the knowledge and the technology.

“We are hopeful that in the next 12 months we will have been able to get our third directional drilling crew up and running along with another civil / pit and pipe crew. This extra capacity should see us in a better position to take on bigger and more diverse tenders throughout Australia without any negative impact on our existing customer base. ” Luke explains.

The team from L & A Global Enterprise have analysed their targets and put together a marketing strategy to draw their attention to their expanding capability. They took a look at where they would like their business to head and what machinery they will need to compete in areas and how they should market themselves to potential clients.

“We see this as a key to getting through the slow times, spreading our interest so  that we are in a position to pick work up in different areas as the work load shifts from say communications and power to water and sewer or gas,” says Luke.

Luke believes that one of the key elements to running a successful business is to have a loyal work team. “The team work together as a unit to complete any company objectives and are always encouraged to put forward any suggestions they may have to ensure we maintain continual improvement.”

Since joining Robson Partners in October 2011, L & A Global Enterprise have benefited from the support we have offered and have excelled since.

“The best thing about Robson’s is that they really care for our business like it’s their own. We can (and do) call them at any time for advice on all types of dealings our business has, whether it is tax, business finance or even commercial real-estate. “

“One of the first things Troy bought to our attention is that we had the base of a good business, but he pointed out that we had gotten so caught up in growing the business and dedicating everything to it that we had neglected our personal positions. All in all, it’s good and well to have a great company that makes good profits but if none of those profits go into securing our personal future then essentially it’s all for nothing. Troy gave us strategies to help secure our future and we are working to them at the moment.”

Recently, L & A Global have had the privilege to donate to Coastal Autism Awareness, our Client in Focus for last month. Luke says “Autism, in my view is a much larger issue than most people realise, autistic children are largely misunderstood but with enough support at home, in the classroom and in the community as a whole, these children will grow to be productive members of the community.” The company has enjoyed the process of helping out Coastal Autism Awareness in their quest to spread the word about Autism in the local community, and are happy to donate to other causes that need attention.

Click here if you would like to learn more about L & A Global Enterprise and how they can help you!

To learn more about how Robson Partners can help you and your business, click here.

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