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JobKeeper 2.0 and other HR essentials for business owners

Change is coming - are you ready? How to build structurally sound teams in the age of COVID.

Join us for a free webinar

Wednesday, 23 September @ 5:30pm

With changed eligibility criteria for JobKeeper to take effect in October, it is absolutely essential that small businesses plan their COVID-19 recovery and subsequent team structures.

Insight and foresight on the Human Resources needs of business will ensure the protection of both employers and employees.


Join Troy Marchant, expert and Director at AdviceCo., for a  
free webinar and Q&A session
covering the business owners' approach to JobKeeper 2.0, employee contracts, policies and procedures, termination, redundancy, salary and wages, superannuation on ordinary time earnings (OTE), leave and wage subsidies.

The right team and resources in place for the right jobs will have a marked impact on your ability to navigate this new business environment and ultimately survive and grow.


After the webinar, attend a complimentary one-to-one Business Discovery for a one-hour tailored session to talk about your current team structure versus your desired one, and to receive meaningful advice about the various pathways available to you.


The plan will inveil practical steps to help you build out a step-by-step and scalable plan that meets your specific needs, ensures your legal compliance and arms you with the skills and tools to succeed on your own.

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Troy Marchant

Troy is one of four senior partners at AdviceCo. and has played an integral role in building the business up to be one of the leading accountancy firms on the Central Coast. Troy is a specialist in team structure for optimum business performance and has helped thousands of businesses to objectively identify the best human resource model for business health during and after JobKeeper. Troy is also a key partner for many business owners in JobKeeper, managing eligibility tests and business reporting.

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So are you ready to take control of your business?

It's time to learn, plan and act. Attend our webinar to find out more!

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